blog Should Job seekers trust on company’s reviews blindly?

Should Job seekers trust on company’s reviews blindly?

Fake reviews

Be aware of fake reviews about companies for students and job seekers. 

Students enter their careers full of excitement to learn and grow. Today checking reviews has become the first step before joining any company to know about its status. And I think it was a very easy method to learn about any organization’s culture. 

But the question is the reviews which you see about the organization, are you sure they are true and written with pure intention? 

How the reviews are adding in some cheap companies that show their great image in marketing but the reality is different.

  1. Force on the employee: Those who are working with the organization currently and adding reviews, can be suspicious to trust. Because in many companies, employees who are working for a long time do not want to leave the company just because of personal reasons such as being near to home, low skill but good package, etc. Their reviews are not true because they were added with a force of the organization as the company’s management asked to add reviews. And definitely, they would write good things about the company to protect their job.
  2. Buttering: Many employees prefer to do buttering to impress the management. They always want to stay in the good books of the company. That’s the reason they would add quality reviews which are useless for new visitors.
  3. Paid Marketing: There are many paid marketing methods used for increasing reviews. And many organizations hire professionals to work on it and increase their reviews to build a reputation in marketing. But these reviews are not helpful for job seekers.

Should job seekers trust reviews?

  • Never: It’s the digital world that gives many benefits but people always misuse resources. I am also a digital marketer and receive many projects to increase ratings and reviews. But I am a social worker too so I want to be aware of society. That’s why I’m going to write this blog for those who prefer to check the review before joining the company but regret the decision after joining. 
  • Check the reviews of Ex-employees: Those who are ex-employees would add true reviews which are valuable to know the culture of the company. Thus I would suggest you filter the reviews and check 1-star reviews to know the actual culture of the company.
  • Cross check on multi-platforms: Job seekers should not trust career portal websites and social media blindly, they increase the reviews with paid services too. This can be bad for the job seeker to know about the real culture of the company. Thus my suggestion would be to confirm with any person who is working currently in the organization. Job seekers should meet him or call to confirm the culture of companies.

I have seen many Lala companies that say they are corporate companies. And buy paid certification as the best company for working. In the market, many certification providers are available who have forgotten the ethics and sell the certification by taking money.

It hurts me because many organizations are cheating the world with such digital activities. It is not good for the Job seeker who dreams to build a secure future by joining such companies attracted by their social media and career portal websites. 

The digital world makes life easy for humans but fake information misleads too. So be aware before trusting blindly.

Lala companies are promoted as corporate but provide a culture like a shop. Shouting as corporate doesn’t change the identity, corporate identification is earned by the culture, making employees happy, providing health facilities, good salary, cooperation, and much more. If an employee sees such initiatives by the company, they would automatically support the company and make an effort to increase productivity.

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