Uncategorized How SEO is Most Effective and Affordable Online Marketing as Compared to Others?

How SEO is Most Effective and Affordable Online Marketing as Compared to Others?

Now time competition in every business is natural thus it is important to be visible in the market for constant sales. Online marketing is a great medium to promote the business at present because it decreases the cost of traveling and saves time.

There are many types of online marketing like SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO. Here we will discuss the importance and value of SEO for business.
Why SEO is best and useful for a business.

Before everything, we must know something about SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is helpful to rank the website based on the keywords. We must select some keywords related to the targeted website’s niche and make the website appropriate.

Why SEO is great medium than others?

Organic results. 

SEO is used to get the organic traffic through bingo, google and other search engines. At present Google is popular and covering maximum countries. Some requirements were reported by Google to be ranked. and the website’s owner must create a website based on that. We must go through the requirements and implement on our website. Other online marketing types require money in a campaign to be visible on google. but SEO doesn’t need money, it only needs regular efforts.

Long time results: 

once your website is set up based on Google’s requirements it would be visible and ranked for a long time. Let’s suppose your keywords are SEO in Ambala, SEO in India, SEO in Chandigarh, etc then you will have to set up your website with optimizing these keywords. There are two types of SEO, one is on-page and the second is off-page. On page is used to set up the work on the website through meta tag, sitemap, speed optimizing, etc and Off page is used to create the loyalty of the website through backlinks. once you have done all works as per the guidelines of SEO your website will be visible for a long time.

High Conversion rates: 

If you are getting traffic through SEO, it means organic traffic that implies visitors are interested in your website. This means if you are selling clothes and someone came to your website through relevant keywords like cloth seller, jean seller, shirt seller, etc. that means the visitor is interested to buy the product because he/she is making efforts in research. but in paid ads, you show your product to people whether he is interested or not. so, the conversion ratio of organic traffic is high rather than paid traffic.

Low cost: 

SEO does not cost high as compared to paid campaigns. you just need to a higher smart SEO expert who has good experience in this field. They charge hourly or fixed but paid ads charge by clicking. If someone clicks on your ads the money would be deducted whether that buddy was interested to buy or not. But in SEO there are no charges of clicking the website. that’s the reason it becomes economical for you.


Whenever someone searches anything on google approximately 14 website links are found. 4 links are related to paid ads which can be 2 in header and 2 in the footer. But 10 links would be related to organic results. Most of the people believe in visiting the organic website links instead of paid ads because they get puzzled in ads results. This is my personal experience and I believe so.

There are some other reasons, but I think the above reasons are enough to represent the importance of SEO for a website. We are an SEO expert in India and providing quality work to our clients who belong to Canada, the USA, India, etc. We experienced the value of SEO and shared this article with you. We believe you will like it and feel free to ask if any query.


Frequently Asked the Question

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is used for ranking the website in Search engine like Google, Bing etc

How many types of SEO?

There are two types of SEO which known as on page and off page.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO is used to setup the website based on google’s requirement. Like putting meta tags, robots.txt, sitemap, google speed etc.

What is Off page SEO?

In this we have to create the loyalty of the website. And Google suggests to create backlinks on quality website to gain the loyalty.

What is Backlink?

In simple term, put your website links in different website through articles, blogs, business listing, etc.

How much time google takes to rank the website?

Google ranks the website based on quality content and valuable backlinks. There is no estimated time of ranking but within 20 days your website start visible on google if SEO is done properly.

What is Cost of SEO?

It depends upon the company or freelancers. If you need quality work then it requires 25 hours in week. and $500 for a month should be for quality work otherwise many people are ready to work but no surety of quality.

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